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Playground App has the ability to help teachers capture learning, right there, in the moment! Teachers using Playground App are able to take photos, write descriptions, link outcomes and tag parent content straight from their device in the learning environment.


To access Observations, head to Playground App and click on the 'Learning' Tab in a room at your centre.

Creating an Observation

  1. Tap the "Learning" icon in the bottom menu bar
  2. Tap the "+" icon in the bottom right corner
  3. Select "Observation"
  4. Type in the details on the screen to complete your observation
  5. Tap "Post" in the top right menu bar to publish the observation to the parents

Adding Media
  1. Tap the blue 'Media' icon at the top left of the screen
  2. Choose to either take a new photo / video or select from your existing gallery
  3. Select 'Apply'
  4. Press the same button to view and edit your selection

You will be able to upload a maximum of 32 photos or 31 photos and 1 x 30 second video per Observation. 

Add Learning Outcomes

  1. Tap "Add Learning Outcome"
  2. Select from a list or search for the desired learning outcome
  3. Tap the learning outcome
  4. Tap "Save" button in the bottom right corner


Tagging Children

  1. Tap "Tag Children"
  2. Select the children you want to tag into the observation
  3. Use the search box at the top of the page or "Select All' button to save time. Any children selected that have been opted-out of photos/videos will be displayed at the bottom left hand side of the screen;
  4. When you tap Save, you will receive a warning about the children you’ve tagged that are opted out of photos and can choose what action you’d like to take
    • You can Continue and post the observation anyway (for example: if the child that was opted-out was not in the photo/video but the observation is still relevant for them)
    • You can Untag them and Continue which will remove the opted-out child from the tagged children
    • You can Cancel and go back to edit the list of tagged children yourself

Draft Observations

You can save your observations as a draft if you haven't finished it on the device you are working on. Draft Observations are only saved to the device they are created on under the teacher profile currently logged in. They must be posted to be accessible anywhere, including Playground Web. This does mean you can come back to finish off your work at a later time on the same device.

Saving a Draft Observation

  1. After completing partial information, tap the save icon in the top right corner.
  2. A pop up message will appear to confirm your choice
  3. Press "Save and Continue"

You can now view you draft on the Learning tab on Playground App. The image will be slightly greyed out to indicate that your work has not been published yet. 

Viewing Draft Observations

  1. Tap the "Learning" icon in the bottom menu bar
  2. Tap the "View All" button in the top right corner
  3. Tap "Drafts" in the bottom menu bar
  4. Select the observation you wish to edit/delete/publish

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