Playground App: Incident Records

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Teachers can use Playground App to create digital incident records for incidents that occur at your centre. These records can then be digitally signed by parents/guardians using your centre's device and reported on as necessary!

Check out our guides below on how to use the different feature available with Incident Reports with Playground App.

Creating an Incident Report

  1. Log into a room with your Teacher credentials
  2. Navigate to the Health tab at bottom of the screen
  3. Navigate to the Medical Events tab  using the medical icon at the top of the Health screen
  4. Tap the intended child
  5. Tap "New Incident Record"
  6. Fill in the required details on each screen: time and location, add images, type of injury/illness, location on body, circumstances, cause, symptoms, actions taken, further steps and parent notifications
  7. Review the record and add signatures where necessary
  8. Once signed, the parent will receive a notification on their Home App that an incident report has been created and that they are required to go to the centre in order to sign this. 

Please note:

  • Changes cannot be made if the educator who created the document has signed the document.
  • If you would like to review and make changes, including having your Authorised Nominee/Responsible Person view the record, please select "Save as Draft" at Step 7.


Viewing Incident Records

You can view all incident records for your centre from Playground App; including those in an unsigned status, drafts and completed reports. Follow the steps below to view these on your device: 

  1. Tap the Incident Records tile on the Dashboard screen

  2. Sign in with your Educator login 

  3. Select from the three categories at the top: Unsigned, In-Draft, and Completed incident records.

  4. Tap the magnifying glass icon to filter by child/room/educator

  5. Tap the calendar icon to filter by date

  6. Tap the phone icon to view the contact details of the Parent/Guardians, Emergency Contacts and Hub Guests listed on the Child Profile.

  7. Tap any incident record to open it.

Parent Signatures

  1. Tap the record and scroll to the far bottom
  2. Tap 'Add Parent Signature', enter their details and have them sign directly on the device
  3. Click 'Add Signature' to save the changes and move the record into a completed state.


Accessing Incident Reports

You can view and print incident records created in Playground App, on Playground Web. 

  1. Log in to Playground Web 

  2. Click Reports on the left hand side menu

  3. Select the Incidents tab

The table allows you to filter by date and shows the following data:

  • Incident date

  • Child 

  • Room 

  • Educator 

  • Status of the incident record (unsigned, signed)

You can also download and print your report from this page by selecting the 'Download' button on the right hand column. This will save the report as a PDF on your desktop, with the option to open this file and print if needed. 

Sample Incident Report.pdf

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